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About A la Table | Curated Tabletop Rentals


Hi my name is Marie, and I’m the owner and creative director of A La Table.

Did you ever beg your mother to let you set the table? No Well I did…! I know, I’m weird, but I’ve had a passion for tableware and beautifully set tabletops for as long as I can remember. It’s part of why I decided to launch A La Table – it was a great excuse to spend hours playing with tableware.

The other reasons are a little more altruistic. I love to host at home, we have a big group of friends and a large family and welcome them in our home regularly.

But when the groups got a little too large, I found it hard to find the right amount of stuff to be able to host everyone in style without spending a ton of money on gear that just takes up room in my cupboards and that I only use a few times a year.

I’ve sadly resorted to using paper plates and plastic cups a few too many times and I just don’t love the impact that has on our environment. Plus, I always stressed about finding everything I needed when time was always so short…

So that’s why I started A La Table, and why I’m so proud of it. Sure it’s a tableware hire company that focuses on making things look good. But it’s also a company that’s dedicated to helping you look after the people you care about, our planet a little and, most importantly, yourself.